Are you running a


Working your way to the


Or going to school to start your career as an

educated woman? ⁠

We have just the products that support you to

rock your goals! ⁠



We believe that your workspace should be your happy place,
a place you love being around in.
After all, sometimes you spend
more than 8 hours a day
or 1/3 of your life there!

Surround yourself with everything that

makes you feel like you want to

rock your goals in life every day! 

Let’s start making your office space way

more ass-kicking with the beautiful

luxurious supplies of Chick Story.


It is made with love and happiness just for you!

Have fun with it! 💕


"For a busy chick who is active on social media, runs her own blog, has a fit lifestyle and also works at school for 32 hours, this planner is really ideal.

I can plan my appointments, my training and meals in it. I can keep up with my goals at the beginning of the month, and evaluate them at the end of the month.

I can even keep up with my socials! In addition, the planner looks beautiful and it remains calm in this head of mine!"


—  Dalia,



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