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Hi! I'm Sharon and proud owner of Chick Story. In my daily life I love to dance and sing (especially really loud in the shower🤣) and I loveee to be creative.

Before I started Chick Story, I had a yoga company and I worked as a yoga and dance teacher, this is where my journey of learning about myself started. I coached others and myself into a healthier mentality and lifestyle but in the end I felt that it was not my passion anymore. I was also really unhappy in my other job and I had this feeling there was more to life. So I decided to quit my yoga company and my other job to choose for my own health and happiness.

So there I was on October 1, 2018, without work and with the dream of creating something new.

There came a point where I really had no idea where to go in life. I knew there had to be "more" but somehow I got stuck. Kind of the 20-30s starting life crisis. I started writing in all sorts of booklets in which you think about your life goals; in happiness books, in my diary, in notepads, I had a calendar, an agenda and so on, but I missed a book in which it all came together (and totally awesome and ladylike with beautiful colors).

The jitters for entrepreneurship remained and I wanted to start a new company. Now I wanted to design, create, and put all my creativity into new products. I had so many ideas, but no f*cking idea where to start.

So I just started ...

And it is true what they say, that when you start everything else will fall into place. Creativity never runs out, the more you use, the more you get and create. Create-ivity.👌🏻

I decided to make a book myself. I wanted it to help women think about where they stand in life, what they want to achieve and how they want to achieve it. It had to be a life book and agenda in which you can keep track of everything in your life, from your business goals, financial goals, health and fitness goals to your personal and happiness goals.

It was the book I needed ...

I worked extremely hard and such long days at that time, after which the Chick Story brand evolved and the creation of the Life Planners manifested.

And there it was on December 13, 2018: the first Chick Story Life Planner, Agenda and Journal-in-one.

I was so happy when I finally got the planner, I would love to have recorded that moment haha. My boyfriend and I made a "Happydance" through the living room. We always do this to celebrate a success. The whole process was so intense but so worth it!

In 1.5 months after finishing my job I completed the planners and sold the first planner to an unknown person. Wow the chills of that moment! And there were more beautiful things waiting, little did I know that there were so many women who also wanted to work on their life goals! The Chick Story Life Planner sold out within 5 weeks! I never dared to dream this when I quit my job.


And that's what it is, it's a process. Things will come, but YOU have to work for it.

You can not always wait for the perfect moment. If you have a dream just take a leap of faith and go for it..

And as it says on the first pages of my planner:

Try to get everything out of life.

Do everything you dream of.

Do not let yourself be stopped by people who are afraid of the journey themselves.

Believe in yourself and go for it.

Do not listen to the idea of 'what if.'

Have no fear, trust your intuition.

Your self-confidence will grow towards your goal.

Chase your dreams, hold on and fight for it.

If you do not succeed, you have at least pushed your limits.

Take your chances, dream, dare and do,

and enjoy life on the way through.


Love, Sharon

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