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The Life planner, agenda and journal in one:


· Is even more luxurious than last year with a soft touch pink marble cover and gold shine letters.

· Helps you with your life goals and how you want to reach your goals.

· It helps you to recognize your strengths and weaknesses within your life goals.

· It helps you to see your own development and decision making patterns.

· It helps you to plan and set priorities.

· It helps you to get a balanced life and lets you think about how you divide your time between all parts of your life.

· It lets you think about what makes you happy and if you have enough me-time.

· It has a My dreamlife page to envision your dreamlife in 3 to 5 years. This helps you to get your heart's desire clear so that you know what you can work on.

· It helps you to: Dream, Plan, Do! It gives you assignments and challenges to really think about what you want in life, what you dream of and to actively work towards your dreams.

· It has a Time management page. This helps you to prioritize and gain a clear insight into what you spend your time on and what you would like to spend your time on.

· It helps you with self-love and meditation.

· It helps you track your sport schedule and gives you an insight in your mood, energy and food intake. You can write down your everyday breakfast, lunch and dinner.

· It helps you with a killer motivation and great dose of inspiration.

· You can be creative and follow your wanderlust heart on the travel pages.


Babe, let's rock it this year!


The Chick Story Life planner, agenda and journal-in-one helps women think about where they stand in life, what they want to achieve and how they want to achieve it.It is a life book and agenda in which you can keep track of everything in your life. From your Business Goals, Financial goals, Health & Fitness goals to your Personal & Happiness goals. It teaches you to set priorities on the agenda pages and work on your time management skills, but also allows you to think about what makes you happy and to celebrate your successes. A Life Planner in which you can look back at your development at the end of the year and see how you have grown or what you can still work on. The life planner is also full of inspiring quotes and includes travel pages for the wanderlust lovers. You can decide what to use and what not. Just have fun with it!

Chick Story Life Planner, Agenda and Journal in one Undated

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  • The Life Planner includes:


    Review of last year

    What you want to achieve in 2021

    My dreamlife

    Time management

    Agenda pages

    Monthly calendars


    Year Business goal

    Business Checklist

    Weekly review of the business goal

    Monthly review of the business goal


    Year Financial goal

    Financial Checklist

    Weekly review of the financial goal

    Monthly review of the financial goal


    Year Health & Fitness goal

    Health & Fitness Checklist

    Weekly review of the Health & Fitness goal

    Monthly review of the Health & Fitness goal


    Year Personal & Happiness goal

    Personal & Happiness Checklist

    Weekly review of the Personal & Happiness goal

    Monthly review of the Personal & Happiness goal


    On the agenda pages:

    Time sections from 07:00 to 21:00

    This week’s focus

    Dream, Plan, Do! Give yourself a challenge and describe the steps towards your goal.

    Inspiring quotes for a killer motivation

    To Do list & check boxes

    Top Priorities

    Boxes for me-time

    Weekly menu

    Mood and Energy that week

    Tracking of sport schedule and the workout duration


    World map to color the countries you have visited

    Wanderlust section to write down the countries that you still want to visit

    Motivational words and self-love

    Mindmap and what you want to manifest in your life




    Reading ribbon


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    Product information:


    Size: 18,5 x 24 cm

    Weight: 999 grs

    Pages: 340

    Cover: Soft touch marble print, letters gold metallic.

    Includes: reading ribbon

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