Increase your workflow, happiness, and performance with these 12 tools!


Start your morning with Gratitude. Writing down what you are grateful for at the start of your day will immediately help you waking up in happiness thinking about all the abundance in your life. Your mindset will be focussed on what you already have and increases your high vibration, happiness thinking, for the rest of the day. What are you grateful for today?


After that it is time to get a clear vision of what your day will look like. No wasted time on worrying about all the things you must do and what you want to do first. What is your project? It could be in terms of work, an event you have to plan, increasing your client list or business value, working on your marketing goals, or it could also be planning your vacation, creating your dreamlife or getting fit. Long or short term. Give your project a name and a due date in the Project Box. Like project multimillionaire business, Project Selflove or Project travel. What is a project you really want to work on?


Then think about your goals and write them down in the Goals Box. (It could be using the SMART method - Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Time-bound goals). Like this week I want to bring in 3 paying customers with my social media campaign, or today I plan 1 hour of me-time where I can relax and have no electronic devices on. It helps you getting a clear vision and measurable outcome of your goals with which you can get back to work with. It also corresponds with the Law of Attraction, if you write down what you want and remind yourself of your dreams and goals, you send these vibrations into the universe and the universe will answer. What are your dreams and goals for the future?


In the To Do Box you write down your daily tasks. What needs to be done today and has your priority? Write down the time you need for the task and the due date. This way you can see what needs to be done first and you can clear your head from all the to do lists that pile up in your head. What are your to do’s today?


Do the finances rise up to your head? The money flies out but you don't know what you spend it on? Track your finances and write it down in the Costs Box to get an insight of expenses. What expenses did you have today?


Time Management: Sometimes your day passes by without noticing that half of your time you spend on Netflix and Social media while you actually wanted to spend more time on your business and tasks to get things done and book successes in the long run. It could be also that you want to pend more time on your hobbies and social contacts like going to dance class, spend time with friends or spending your precious time with your family by playing board games or having family time away. You only have one life and time is precious.

The time management Box helps you to prioritize and gain a clear insight into what you spend your time on and what you would like to spend your time on. How did you spend your time today?


Getting Fit: In the Sports and Mood Box you can write down your everyday sports routine, the duration of your sports routine, your energylevel and your mood of today. Did you sport today? How is your energy and mood?


Healthy habits: In the Food Box you can write down what you had for Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and Snacks that will give you an insight in your food intake. What was your food intake today?


Selfcare: We all have the habit of forgetting ourselves and not doing what we love in everyday’s hassle. We need to create an environment where you take care of yourself while working on your goals. In the Selfcare Box is where YOU come in. What do you want for yourself, what do you love and what makes you exciting? What helps you to relax? Never forget yourself because you are the engine behind everything in your life and you can’t run on an empty tank. So let’s light up that spark and take care of yourself! What do you love to do?


Track your progress! Do you stand still or are you making progress? get a clear vision and measurable outcome of your goals with which you can get back to work with. Where are you in your progress towards your goals?


The Notes Box is there for small notes and additions to your daily goals and projects.


And last but not least, the back. The front of the page is there for all your goals and projects, but the back is your Creative Space. It’s a full blanc space where the scribbles of your greatest business idea’s arise. Where life changing plans, lyrics of a great song, or the writing material of your first book originates. It is the space where you can write long stories, put your thoughts into words and where small drawings are the start of great projects. It’s a space where you can be fully creative. This is the space where the greatest dreams start. You have full use of the notepad.


Babe, let’s rock your goals this year!

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